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We would like to introduce you to 4K Industrial Frac Water Supply and Recycling Facility Technologies  Innovations


4K Advanced Technologies is capable of producing water quality ranging from maximum removal, to mutually agreed to levels designed to meet your strict water quality standards and cost requirements.


Process Discussion

Our multi-phase treatment program has been developed with the goal of producing consistent quality recycled frac water on a continuous basis.  Our process reduces metals, hardness, organics, strontium, barium, suspended solids and other minerals to low, predictable, and consistent levels for reuse in the oil and gas drilling industry.


Phase 1 (Optional)

pH adjustment to break chelated bonds and targeted metals precipitation.


Phase 2

Alkaline precipitation of metals, hardness, suspended solids, including those associated with radioactive material concerns. 


Phase 3 (Optional)

Micro-filtration at levels of 1 to 6 micron particle size for removal of residual suspended solids and microorganisms.


Phase 4

Settled solids and filter back wash solids are thickened and dewatered to acceptable levels for landfill application


Finished water quality

Finished water is crystal clear with no post precipitation salt deposits that can settle out in holding ponds, pumping, bulk trucks, and transfer piping equipment.


Our technology produces water on a consistent basis that is significantly lower in organics,

solids, and minerals that would be of concern for reuse applications.


Process results show the following min and max reductions in key parameters       

                Max            Min.

.  Barium                                  99%        >50%

.  Total Hardness as CaC03      93%        >70%

.  Iron                                      100%        >70%

.  Copper                                 100%        >70%

.  Magnesium                          100%        >70%

.  Suspended Solids                  96%        >90%

.  Strontium                              94%        >90%


The program includes pre & post testing for verification of results.  Documentation is provided for all phases of the process including:  waters as received, finished water, sludge disposal, and final disposition.  This kind of responsible attention to detail will keep track of the specific information that is required


Unlimited access to river water


Conveniently Located in Martins Ferry, Ohio

easily accessible by I-70 and I-470

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